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Students are encouraged to use technology to broaden the experience of learning and to be well prepared for the technology future that awaits them.

At Agaram, technology is not locked away. Computers are readily accessible. Students are encouraged to use them as tools to gain educational as well as personal insight.

The IT research Lab seems to be a great gathering spot for the Agaramates. It is open throughout during the week and later on the weekends. Everyone has a private storage area on the file server, and boarding students can access the network from their dorm rooms.

And technology is not limited to just computers. Digital cameras, video editing facility, film media are just a few of the technologies that the school promotes for students.


Our community provides an atmosphere of trust and support. Learn more about the AGARAM experience.


Come & see for yourself how welcoming, friendly, and vibrant the AGARAM community is.


Applications are considered throughout the year, and interested families are invited to visit the campus.