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This policy is reviewed annually by the Designated Safeguarding Lead .This policy is approved annually, or sooner as detailed above, by the Board of Directors. The DSL and the Board of Directors will collaboratively monitor the application and adherence to this policy. All members of staff read and agree to the child safeguarding policy before the start of their employment.

All children, young people, and their families will be required to read and agree to the policy before enrolment. It is important for families to be aware of the actions that AGARAM staff may take if there are any concerns for a child or a young person’s safety. It is equally important for families to understand that they might not be consulted before such action is taken. Knowing about child safeguarding procedures ahead of time helps parents to engage better in the process, meaning that change is more likely to take place.


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Applications are considered throughout the year, and interested families are invited to visit the campus.