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Art Club:

Promotes interactions among student artists and works closely with the school newsletter to showcase student art. The club organizes art projects, weekend trips to local art museums, and art discussions.

Animal Club:

Promotes animal welfare through a lot of activities.Fundraiser for the local Humane Society.

Culinary Club:

Promotes the culinary arts, cooking techniques, and culinary diversity through baking contests and cooking classes.

Eco Club:

Promotes sustainability on and off campus and works to increase awareness about environmental issues in our community and beyond.

Math Club:

Aims to improve math skills and help students have impressive results in math competitions.

Music Club:

Aspires to promote classical and instrumental music. The club organizes Music concerts and composes songs.

Film Club:

Demonstrates cinema’s importance to culture and introduces students to different ideas and emotions expressed by film. The club hosts showings of films during Annual Day concerts.

Organic Garden Club:

Organic garden club has been bringing the benefits of gardening to schools, big and small. Our education programmes help teachers and school professionals to develop gardening projects that teach children where their organic food comes from, develops their scientific and environmental awareness and encourages them to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Literary Club:

Each week children meet with trained parents and teachers in small groups to tussle with a piece of literature. They learn to think about an author's purpose, to develop questions which can be approached from multiple perspectives, and to value the richness of the group's thinking.

Photography club:

Children display their love of photography through the constructive criticism of their peers, leisure activities that involve photography, and the promotion of photography throughout the campus.”

First Aid Club:

Typically First Aiders learn how to preserve life, including how to deal with minor bleeding, chest pain, heart attacks, broken bones, resuscitation. The opportunity to secure First Aid qualifications is a practical extra offered by AGARAM. This is a valuable additional skill to take forward into the workplace which employers always find of great use.

Fashion Designing Club:

Students who attend the club learn hand stitching techniques; how to develop patterns through draping and flat pattern techniques; fitting and alterations, as well as garment construction. Each student is allowed to design garments of their choice and complete it with supervision from the instructor.

Cultural Club:

The cultural club ensures participation in all kinds of intra and inter school, drama, debates, elocutions and other cultural activities. This club aims at healthy diversion and goes a long way in recognizing and nurturing extra curricular talent and personality development.

Electrical Maintenance Club:

This programme is designed to give students hands-on experience for entry-level positions in electrical construction, installation, operation and maintenance occupations. This program delivers technical courses in electrical theory plus the installation, maintenance, wiring, and testing of electrical apparatus and control devices.

Plumbing Club:

Plumbing club provides the skills and know-how to efficiently, safely, and effectively move water where it needs to go. This may mean moving horizontally and vertically.


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